Wee hours, 3:45 AM on 8th June 2020 is the birth time of DFXBOT™ PRIVATE LIMITED, this is the day idea took to seeds. The company was formally registrated on 27th July 2020 in Mumbai.

Who are we!
Engineers who follows passion for Research & Development.
We have identified INDUSTRY 4.0 as the area to make our contribution towards simplification of Industry and society needs.

What we OFFER!
Automating Inventory Management is what we are addressing.

Why We!

Have you ever wondered why the CASH deposit or withdrawal is fast in Bank now a days compared to few decades back? what is changed is use of Banknote counter. Bank got note counting & ATM machine but we in manufacturing/ Warehouse/ Pharmaceutical sector do not have any gadget to count the Inventory which is another form of CASH for any Industry.

We believe!

Bank Passbook = Stock Audit Report we made it
Live Inventory dashboard = Net Banking

Manual currency count = Manual Inventory count
we made it
Banknote counter = Smart Inventory storage device

Our Smart IOT Devices

As a need of smart manufacturing, we have developed IOT based physical material storage device.

These devices have feature of Edge computing making it Smart Live Inventory storage (SLIM)device.
These devices communicate real time inventory data including 100% transactions.

Our Interactive dashboard will provide information on inventory usage, cycle time, and inventory expenses which will help to make strategic decisions about ordering on the right stock.


  • Real time Inventory data on fingertips
  • Inventory Data available at point of use.
  • Customer lifestyle adaptive design
  • Logs of 100% transaction available
  • Continuous review inventory model (Live data (24x7) of inventory will be available)
  • Zero instances of Production line stoppage due to surprised inventory shortfall
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  • Manufacturing

  • Warehouse

  • Automotive

  • Pharmaceutical


Many industries, in the modern volatile word, still rely on manual work and spreadsheets for inventory counting and management.
Manual or semi-automated practices are prone to errors and have limited visibility to make strategic decisions related to inventory cycle, cash flow. Our proposed product helps in identifying and solving problems related to inventory management.

A smart inventory management process is essential to address the challenges due to supply chain complexity, demand volatility, and an increase in competition.
Our system provides a low-cost solution for real time of monitoring inventory availability, condition, and consumption. This helps to improve the visibility of the supply chain, transparency and accessibility of the inventory, and analytical abilities for forecasting.

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